About Us

Our Equipment

As a business, we provide state of the art equipment capable of up to 4k video and HDR photography from the ground to air. We can provide drone photography and video services for real estate, commercial functions, advertising, construction site monitoring, and events.

Our Photographers

Photographers on staff are FAA part 107 certified SUAS "DRONE" pilots. Their goal is to meet your expectations by catching the aerial imaging shots necessary to promote your property, business,  special events, or meet any other of our client's needs. 

Why Us?

The drone photography and video industries are rapidly evolving, and we want to ensure your satisfaction as we evolve with it. As a group, we have since taken our passions and are providing our customers with a level of professionalism that is sure to please. We became interested in photography as a hobby that has now turned into a passion. We are licensed and insured to work in the state of Georgia. This is a veteran-owned and operated company.